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Working with our clients, Catesby helps them realise their goals and strategic objectives. We fuse expertise in insights, strategy, trends and foresight to help our clients make informed decisions. We evaluate where our clients currently sit in the market, where they want to get to and the best course to get there. Due to our extensive experience working purely with retailers, CPG and DTC companies, Catesby have developed a proven approach to how best to grow internationally. 


With the speed the retail market evolves, retailers need to ensure they adopt the appropriate strategy. We assess the various options available taking into consideration a number of different factors including future trends together with stakeholder input and funding structures. Working closely with our clients, Catesby translates market analysis into actionable strategies that maximise our client's potential. We determine if a digital-first strategy is appropriate or if a more traditional approach is required. We produce roadmaps that help our clients understand how best to approach the market and create the biggest impact in order to excite and engage with the target consumer across all channels. 


Our strategies become the bedrock of our client's growth, helping leverage opportunities. They provide clear direction on how our clients should approach the market, the channels they should sell via, how best to build brand awareness and engage with their target customer in order to drive sales and grow market share across all consumer touch-points. 

Our approach is underpinned by a clear, strategic mindset and driven by great research. Our strategies are built on a blend of market insights, local expertise together with our deep understanding of the local consumer and the evolution of their purchase journey to help solve our client's individual needs. 


Our services include:

With the speed at which both the retail and consumer landscape continues to evolve, it is vital retailers and consumer brands adopt a localised strategy that reflects the changing environment and consumer journey. 


What is the best

way to capitalise

on the opportunity?

Brand Architecture

Brand Partnerships

Brand / Product Extension

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Business Model Validation

Channel Strategy

Company Structure

Consumer Experience

Demand Creation

Digital Strategy

Distribution Strategy

E-Commerce & Mobile

Go-to-Market Strategy

Localisation Strategy

Organisational Strategy

Market Penetration Strategy

Merchandise Planning

Price Point Positioning

Sales Forecasts

Store Location Strategy

Trend Analysis & Forecasting

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