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We pride ourselves on being forward thinking and fast paced using deep market knowledge to underpin our advice. We provide a holistic service offering including analysis, strategy creation, implementation and optimisation. With offices in Asia and Europe, we merge a global mindset with local expertise delivering innovative solutions to our clients, wherever they are in the world. 


Retail has experienced a seismic shift over the last decade driven by a number of factors including cross-border, digitalisation, direct-to-consumer brands as well as a shift in consumer behaviour. This has made the retail landscape smaller yet increasingly crowded and complex, putting all brands at risk. To survive, retailers need to be more efficient, leaner and agile. With the continued disruption, it has never been more important for brands to have a true understanding of the local landscape in which they operate along with what their customer is actually seeking. Catesby can help achieve this. 


We immerse ourselves in our clients business to identify and solve the biggest challenges they face. We fuse our deep understanding of the local consumer make-up, market landscape and local trends to deliver pragmatic solutions and help them stay relevant. Our impartial, trusted advice provides our clients with clarity, helping them stay agile and allowing them to adapt to the changing environment, unlocking new opportunities while reducing operating risk.

We are passionate about retail, F&B trends and the continued evolution of the consumer. This helps fuel our desire to push boundaries and deliver winning solutions for the most complex challenges. Whether looking to gain an understanding of the local market, devising and implementing a realistic strategy, or helping highlight the best way to grow the business, we understand the critical factors and their influence on the brand's success. This makes us an indispensable extension of our clients. 

We are a leading insight-driven consultancy focussed on the consumer sector. We partner with retailers, F&B operators, consumer brands and their owners to help navigate the key global markets and deliver value across their business. 


Helping brands grow at home

and abroad. 

If you're interested to see how Catesby can assist with your continued growth both home and abroad, please get in touch. 

Partner with us.

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