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Catesby comprehensively evaluates our client's business to help them understand where they sit in the market. Using a number of metrics, we identify areas that can be improved before delivering expert advice and actionable solutions for how best to optimise the performance of the business.

We continually assess the existing strategy against the market to identify shifts and the impact these will have on our client's current business. This includes reviewing the current operating model and organisation structure to see how it can be improved to allow the company to react quicker to outside influences.

By constantly benchmarking our client's business against the competition, we are able to identify areas of weakness. Added to this, we are able to readily gauge the thoughts of our client's existing and target customer to understand what they think of the brand, the existing offering together with whether they are delivering the product, value and experience that resonates with the target customer. 


We evaluate a brand's existing store portfolio to determine which stores should be closed, which should be relocated and whether they are trading with the appropriate store format or footprint.

We use both our market data together with local experience to re-define the strategies, helping our clients remain at the forefront of their respective category.

Our services include:

One of the greatest risks for brands is stagnation. With the speed the retail landscape is evolving and the ever growing competition, brands need to continually review their business to identify missed opportunities and potential areas of growth.


How can your business be improved?

Brand Extensions

Brand Governance

Channel Analysis

Company Structure

Consumer Insights

Customer Experience

Mystery Shopper

Partner Policing

Performance Benchmarking

Performance Optimisation

Positioning Analysis

Product Analysis

Product Extensions

Staff Training / Workshops

Store Portfolio Evaluation

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