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Whether launching a new product or entering a new country, it is vital to have a detailed understanding of the local market, the target customer and the purchase journey. This can be the difference between success and failure.

Catesby's research covers all areas from consumer insights, competitor, potential sales channels, the achievable pricing strategy and associated margins. The thorough analysis provides a more rounded perspective and helps join the dots between the consumer and brand.

We use data and insights to help our clients formulate a deep understanding of the local market, the target consumer and their preferences helping them understand what makes the brand desirable and allowing them go get closer to their customers. All our recommendations are supported by accurate data allowing our clients to understand the potential size of the opportunity. Our rigorous analysis brings clarity and allows our clients to make smarter decisions and leverage their position for long-term growth.

Our consumer research extracts deep insights into the attitudes of the local consumer - what makes the consumer tick, engage and buy from the brand. This analysis allows us to identify obstacles and develop practical solutions to ensure the model and proposition is aligned with the expectations of the local consumer.

Competitor analysis provides our clients with a clear understanding of the depth of the market. We evaluate the performance of the competition to determine whether the market is ready and if so, its potential size.

Our services include:


Where & 

what is the opportunity?

Brand Audit

Competitor Analysis

Consumer Insights & Profiling

Consumer Research

Customer Journey Mapping

Demographic Analysis

Ethnographic Market Research

Market Landscaping

Market Prioritisation

Market Segmentation

Market Sizing

Omni-Channel Analysis

Opportunity Identification

Price Analysis

Qualitative Research

Quantitive Research

Regulatory Assessment

Trend Analysis

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