Helping brands

cross borders.

Who We Are.

Catesby is a leading insight-driven consultancy, partnering with consumer centric brands to help them navigate the world's key markets. 






Using market insights as a base, we help solve the key challenges our clients face, creating tailored, actionable strategies to help grow value in the ever changing market. 

Once the strategy is finalised and approved, Catesby help deliver growth by assisting with the plan's implementation. This includes securing suitable store locations, potential partners as well as staff.

We help analyse the continued performance of the brand, benchmarking their performance against the competition and highlighting which areas of the business can be improved and the ways to achieve it. 


We work in collaboration with our clients to deliver end-to-end solutions helping drive growth and profitability across the business.




Our analysis and resulting insights are built on a deep understanding of the local retail sector together with an in-depth knowledge of the local consumer and their changing behaviour.

We are fortunate to work with some of the world's most respected and influential brands.

Who We Work With.

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What We Do.

Our service offering has been designed to serve our clients by delivering end-to-end solutions that drive growth and profitability across all areas of the business.